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Vessel Safety Check



Do you want your vessel to look like this?

Then get a FREE Vessel Safety Check


 2010 Vessel Exam Schedule


Free Vessel Safety Check

The 2009 Vessel Safety Check schedule is

being developed.  Please check back to

this page for updates as dates/locations are


Anybody that would like a vessel safety check

can contact: 

Jeff Donelson


Vessel Safety Check

Have a Qualified Vessel Examiner meet with you at your vessel for a Free Vessel inspection

“The VSC program helps achieve voluntary compliance with federal and state recreational boating laws, particularly regarding the carriage of safety equipment. It also raises boaters’ awareness of safety issues through one-on-one contact by volunteer vessel examiners. 

     Vessel Examiners will educate boaters through direct, face-to-face boating-safety information exchanges. With this knowledge, it is hoped that recreational boaters will become more involved in maintaining and operating their boats in a safe manner, taking boating safety courses to increase their knowledge and skills in boating, and promoting safe boating to others. 

     The Vessel Safety Check is intended to serve as a “prevention through education, outreach and volunteer compliance” activity and to help recreational boaters gain a respect for the boating environment as a result of the Vessel Safety Check encounter. 


What do inspectors look for?:

  1. Display of Registration Numbers

  2. Registration and/or Documentation Certificate

  3. Personal Flotation Devices (Life Preservers)        

  4. Visual Distress Signals

  5. Fire Extinguisher(s)         

  6. Ventilation        

  7. Backfire Flame Control        

  8. Sound Producing Device(s)

  9. Navigation Lights

  10. Oily Waste Discharge Placard(s)

  11. MARPOL Trash Placard (Garbage Dumping Restriction)

  12. Marine Sanitation Device

  13. Carriage of Inland Navigation Rules (when appropriate)

  14. State-specific Requirements

  15. Overall Vessel Condition



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