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Please remember to be in proper uniform and bring your ID card

BC TRAINING03APR2010, 0900-1300 @ CGSTA SCS

BC TRAINING17APR2010, 0900-1300 @ CGSTA SCS

BC TRAINING24APR2010, 0900-1300 @ CGSTA SCS

TCT TRAINING01MAY2010, 0800-1700 @ CGSTA SCS

BC TRAINING08MAY2010, 0900-1300 @ CGSTA SCS

BC TRAINING15MAY2010, 0900-1300 @ CGSTA SCS

BC TRAINING22MAY2010, 0900-1300 @ CGSTA SCS

BC TRAINING05JUN2010, 0900-1300 @ CGSTA SCS

BC TRAINING12JUN2010, 0900-1300 @ CGSTA SCS

This page is a collection of web sites Auxiliary members frequently visit when conducting U.S. Coast Guard Auxiliary business or catching up on Auxiliary related news. This web page may also serve to acquaint the visitor with the abundance of guidance and training provided for members of the U.S. Coast Guard Auxiliary.

Forms 9th CR Forms
On Line Testing 9th Coast Guard District
Sector Detroit Mustang Survival
Auxiliary Manuals Ribbon Checker
Fema ICS Courses
Operations Department Lighthouse Uniform Co.
SITREP Navigator
Auxiliary Uniforms District Stores
UDC The Bent Needle Co.


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